Help Eradicate
the Trafficking of
Women and Children

Estimates suggest that, internationally, only about .04% survivors of human trafficking cases are identified, meaning that the vast majority of cases of human trafficking go undetected. At the 300 Project, we aim to increase the amount of survivors through our mission to eradicate trafficking of young women and children

What we do

Human Trafficking remains one of the biggest threats to humanity. With slavery being the fastest growing organized crime in the world, it has eaten deep into our society.

Since its inception in 2017, the 300 project has fought tirelessly to end human trafficking through PREVENTION, RESCUES AND AFTER CARE.

We Prevent Through

Walk of shame



We Rescue

Operation red alert:

Girls are rescued and

reunited with their


After Care

The Yellow shelter

The 300 Project Scholarship

Lack of education creates a toxic cocktail of vulnerability that makes it easier for traffickers to exploit victims. The 300 project provides free University education for young women of low socio-economic backgrounds and survivors of human trafficking. Read more.

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Yellow Shelter

The yellow shelter is a safe haven for rescued survivors. A place for healing. At the shelter, survivors undergo psychological evaluation, are involved in different skill acquisition programs, and lots more. All these ensure a smooth reintegration into society.

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Survivor Stories

Every week, we were raped by two men, in a bid to get us pregnant. I had nowhere to run to” This was the story of Chisom, a victim of a baby factory trafficking. Read more survivor stories.

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